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Dakota Buttes Visitors Council welcomes you to the center of the Northern Plains, a rugged section of Badlands, buttes and fertile grasslands, where cattle and sheep graze and deer, antelope and buffalo still roam.

Bordered by North and South Dakota towns of Hettinger, Lemmon, Bison and Buffalo, this is where Native American people held the last hunts of the majestic, wild buffalo that once roamed the grasslands in great herds.

For a quick look at tour sites visit ND Tourism.

Winner of  3  national  awards.

Self-guided tour

Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains: The Last Great Hunts by Francie Berg

Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains, a large companion book for those who choose to dive deeper into the buffalo experience.

It is truly an American story and an Indian story.

With a wealth of history, stories and events, you’ll learn even more about the majestic beast so closely entwined with the American experience, both Native and non-Native.

Buffalo Heartbeats explains in detail the rest of the story and how it played out across the Great Plains and prairies of North America.

A beautiful book, richly illustrated.

Hardcover, full color, 8 1/2" x 9 1/2" format, 256 pges.

ePub ISBN:: 9780918532-886

Mobi ISBN: 9780918532-879 

Print ISBN: 9780918532-862

Print $34.95 ~ eBook $19.99

Buffalo Trails in the Dakota Buttes: Self-Guided Tour by Francie Berg

Buffalo Trails takes you on a tour to 10 sites of historic and current buffalo events all within a relatively small area of rugged buttes and

badlands at the center of the northern plains.

Relive the excitement of the last great buffalo hunts by Lakota and Dakota Sioux people, ancient buffalo jumps, the Native rescue of five calves that changed history, and restoration of buffalo herds on tribal lands, private ranches and public parks.

For a quick look at tour sites visit ND Tourism.

Softcover, full color, 6”x 9” format, 88 pages.

ePub ISBN: 9780918532-916

Mobi ISBN: 9780918532-909

Print ISBN: 9780918532-930

Print $14.95 ~ eBook $9.99

Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains, Francie Berg

Francie Berg, author of Buffalo Heartbeats and Buffalo Trails, tells the buffalo story from the last great Native American hunts in this area to saving them from extinction and the buffalo's resurgence in North America.

Both books may be purchased in Hettinger at The Peacock Mercantile, KB Jewelers, and White Drug.

Eavesdrop on an interview with author Francie Berg on how this project and her great passion for the story of the buffalo got its start.

TOMORROW'S HISTORY (Just Another Day) was written by Monte Selby and all of the 5th and 6th grade students from Hettinger, North Dakota. The 5th/6th grade students sing the chorus, and Jr. High and High School chorus students add vocal sound effects. Thanks to music teacher Gina Joyce! And thanks to the North Dakota Council on the Arts for providing funding and organizational support.

New Blog Launches ‘Buffalo Tales & Trails’


Hettinger, ND. “Buffalo Tales & Trails,” a new Blog and website focusing on America’s new national mammal, the bison, or buffalo, will launch May 5, written by Francie M. Berg. Subscriptions are available free at

What is a blog? Google defines a blog as a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, written in an informal or conversational style. Wikipedia explains further, “A blog is a discussion or informational website. . . Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.”

In order to make sure of receiving every online issue, interested persons will need to request a free subscription, which they may cancel at any time.

A new issue of Buffalo Tales & Trails will deliver every Tuesday, with a fresh Blog and “Story of the Week,” as well as news items. The first Blog post will be an introduction and welcome. The second issue focuses on the perplexing question: Buffalo vs Bison—what shall we call them?

The blog is interactive and readers are encouraged to share comments, questions and their own buffalo stories. For more information visit the website at or contact the author at

For further information or questions, contact Dakota Buttes Visitors Council

120 S. Main St., Hettinger, ND 58639 ~ 701-567-2531 ~

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