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"Before beginning birding trips out away from Hettinger, you might want to make a trip in and around the town itself. One trip around Hettinger can include the cemetery, city park, Mirror Lake, sewage ponds, golf course, and might continue southeast a few miles into the Grand River National Grasslands."

Griffiths' Guide to Western Dakota Birding

Birding in Hettinger is just another reason to love the place you live!​


Dakota Buttes Visitors Council

PO Box 1031

Hettinger, ND 58639

(701) 567-2531


Griffith's Guide to Western Dakota Birding

By Dave & Carolyn Griffiths

"Much of what we know of this region's avifauna is due to the field work of Dave and Carolyn Griffiths. These local experts have uncovered numerous birding hostpots, and discovered hundreds of regionally-rare species, summarizing their knowledge in this useful handbook to guide fellow birders on their journey of discovery. Give yourself a treat and come to southwestern North Dakota. Good Birding!"

Dan Svingen, Grasslands Biologist

Dakota Prairie Grasslands, Bismarck, ND

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